About Mobile car key replacement

We have auto locksmiths on call 24 hours a day

Almost Every Car make or model

24/7 Prompt Skilled Car Key Specialists

We make car key replacements on the spot same day service. When we get that call from worried customers asking for help. We feel like it is our duty to get to your location quickly. so we can get you back on  the road. 

We aim to arrive within 30 minutes. Create your new car key and get you back on the move as quickly as possible.

Everyone knows that horrible feeling when you have lost you car keys. Additionally you feel lost and as if something has been taken away from you. However we have specialist tools and key cutting machines. So this will get you back on the road in a matter of minutes.

  • Proud to have the reputation of a reliable car locksmith service. In addition people are normally shocked on how quick and efficient our guys are. Nevertheless to us, its just another day at the office.

We are one of the leading car key replacement specialists in all of Surrey. We cover jobs of all aspect, weather you car has been stolen. Or you may have lost your keys on holiday. It doesn’t matter to us because we deal with every job in the exact same way, professional, on time and friendly.

If you have lost your car keys most people would go to the main dealer. they will pay a ridicules price and have to wait a week to get the key. We provide a service that under cuts the dealerships cost masively. Also we come to where the vehicle is and do the whole job there and then, no messing around.